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Show and Tell 4: Einsteinian Theory and the Cultural Revolution

The legacy of Albert Einstein in Chinese national memory is complicated. It may seem strange for those in the West to think of something as objective as science as up for political debate, but it is important to remember that Western governments have also rejected the words of scientists that do not align with their […]

Week 11 Blog Post

Exploration Pack: Lei Feng This week I focused on the diary of Lei Feng and how it was used to garner support for the Communist party and promote the ideals that the government wished for the people to follow. Lei Feng, an orphaned member of the People’s Liberation Army, demonstrates frugality, loyalty, selflessness, and appreciation […]

Week 10 Blog Post

Exploration Pack 1 I was fascinated by the piece this week on the psychological torture and manipulation that US POWs faced at the hands of the Chinese, which I knew next to nothing about. I know very little about the Korean war in general, including the fact that it will have been going officially for […]

Show and Tell 3: A Biography of The Last Qing Emperor

Aisin Gioro Puyi, born in 1906, lived through one of the most tumultuous eras in Chinese history. Acceding to the throne at the age of just 3, in 1908, Puyi only reigned as emperor for four years before the Nationalists forced his abdication in 1912. He then continued to live in the Forbidden city until […]

Week 9 Blog Post

Exploration Pack: Feminism This week, the two readings that I focused the most on was the Sixth Tone article on the Chinese influencer suspended over her comments on comfort women, and the piece written by Ding Ling. What was most interesting to me was the way both women, despite the difference in their eras, are […]

Week 8 Blog Post

I found the first-hand account of Mao Tse-tung to be fascinating, mostly because everything I have learned about him, and indeed, most of the information to be found on him in the West is of a cold and heartless despot that butchered millions of people. This is likely a result of both Western anti-Chinese and […]